Big Bali Food Truck

1. Big Bali food Truck

Big Bali is the only food truck in Los Angeles serving up authentic Balinese cuisine. The best thing on the menu is by far the Rendang Sliders. Capture the essence of Bali with Pulled Pork flavored with an Asinan (Pickled Red Onion and Cucumber) sauce and a spicy mint mayo sauce to cool your tongue. The culture and hidden beauty of Indonesia translate through the food and staff the moment you walk up to the truck.

2. Bool BBQ

Oh Bool BBQ. You are one of our favorites. Nothing is ever frozen, reheated and resold. Everything has been made by scratch. Meats are beautifully marinated overnight and grilled to perfection. This is Korean BBQ on a Food Truck with Mexican influence. Want a Bulgogi Quesadilla? How about Kalbi Short Rib Tacos? Bool BBQ has it. 

3. Postcards CAS

A unique gourmet experience featuring the finest ingredients from time tested Soul Food recipes fused with the savory flavors and seasonings only found in Central American cuisine

This Food Truck is Central American Soul Food done right! This is the original home of the Soul Wrap. What is the Soul Wrap you may ask? It is a fresh grilled tortilla with marinated Brisket, Kale, and Mac N’ Cheese.

4. Woodys Grill Foodtruck

Woody’s Grill Food Truck offers a grilled menu that is fun and fast. Their goal is to create a beachy home party atmosphere. All we know is their Crack Chicken is to die for! It's a shredded chicken recipe with southwest seasoning, black beans and corn. Also, for all the seafood lovers they have Grilled Shrimp & Cheesy Mac. An amazing dish with rigatoni noodles smothered in soft white cheese sauce and shrimp grilled in butter and garlic, laid on top. All the yes.

5. Richeeze Melts Food Truck

Richeeze Melts is taking gourmet grilled cheese to a whole other level. They source out the best local chefs, with the highest quality meats & cheeses. They then add in variety of gourmet ingredients to create a flavor explosion. Their homemade ‘Lobster Mac’ has chunks of real fresh lobster drizzled with white truffle oil grilled on sourdough. So much yumminess packed into one delicious sandwich.

6. Holy Frijoles

Holy Frijoles is the only Kosher Mexican truck in Los Angeles. Every recipe on their truck is a reflection of their experiences cooking across the US & in Buenos Aires. It is also a complimentary nod to their Grandmothers home cooking which they attribute a lot of their menu items too. You can’t go wrong with the Bubbuelita, which is Matzo ball & albondigas soup finished off with cilantro & chile rojo.

7. Big Green Bowl 

Meet the Iskender Kabob. It is one of the most famous meats of northwestern Turkey. Big Green Bowl Food Truck brings Mediterranean healthy fusion inspired by Turkish cuisine. Enjoy a huge selection of salads and main dishes made with organic locally sourced ingredients.

8. Pinch of Flavor

You can’t miss them! Their truck is one of the prettiest out there. It’s vibrant blue artwork has made it a staple around Los Angeles. Their menu brings high-end fusion to the streets with a mix of Mexican, Japanese, and American Flavors. Enjoy a The Seafood Trio of a Lobster Tail Taco with Blueberry Chipotle Sauce, a Black Tiger Shrimp Taco with spicy mayo, and a Tempura Fish Taco with homemade Tartar sauce.

9. Waffle Oh Truck!

This is the premier Waffle & Dessert Food Truck of Los Angeles. It is culinary creativity at its finest. The signature The Waffle-Oh Sandwich has Grilled chicken topped with melted cheddar, smoked bacon, and Ranch. If you are craving sweets the Dessert offering on the truck are out of this world. The ‘S'mores Waffle-Oh’ is sweet waffle covered with chocolate syrup, marshmallow cream, whip cream, graham cracker crumble and topped with a graham cracker.

10. Shrimp & Taco Stop

One of the only Vegetarian & Vegan Food Trucks in Los Angeles. Their organic fresh cuisine is homemade every morning. They offer a variety of Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadillas. We’ve never had a Ceviche Tostada that was so delicious. You also can’t go wrong with the Shrimp Burrito. If you aren’t into seafood they also have a great selection of marinated pork, chicken, and carne asada options.

Feb 23, 2017 By Meghan Nystrom