Get more customers to your Food Truck

1. Amp Up Your Marketing Game
The name of the game in Marketing is to be everywhere. It’s about making yourself visible so that any potential customer can find your Food Truck on the internet & immediately know what you are all about. You need to have a website that lists your menu & tells your story. You also need to have Social Media where you can amass a following and speak to your potential customers. This means you need to have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, and Yelp accounts at a minimum. 

You’ll see as you (or the person you hire to do this for you) start to build out these networks that they will start working together as a whole well-oiled machine. Once you have the networks built you can run contests to attract more customers, or let your customers know where they can find your truck that day. A great idea is to start your own #Hashtag in order to get engagement up & encourage people to discuss your brand across all the social networks. 

2. Add Something New & Different to Your Menu
Do you serve up different weekly specials on your truck? If you don’t you need too. We see this all the time in Advertising & Marketing with brands like Taco Bell. They lure in customers with announcements of new delicious menu items or a spin on a classic offering. Some Food Trucks think you have to revitalize the whole menu. This isn’t true. Just keep offering something unique for people to share & get excited about on Social Media. 

3. Celebrate Your Uniqueness
Be all about your story. Tell it in a unique way through your social networks & website. One of the amazing things that Merguez Et Al Food Truck does is showcase the fact that they serve an African spicy sausage that you literally can’t find anywhere else in Los Angeles. It’s a delicacy in Africa. Find what your story is and own it. The foodies want to be where the story is. The foodies of the world love this. Is your sauce homemade and inspired by your mom cooking for you in Cuba while you were growing up? Own it. Sell this on social media & your website. Watch the flood of people show up to your truck just needing to quench their thirst for a menu item that you can only find in a remote location they have never been to. 

4. Focus on Customer Relations
Think about the best restaurant service you have ever had. Did it involve kindness, understanding, and compassion? I’m sure you could check yes to all of the above. Having a winning staff as a Food Truck owner is key to creating the ultimate experience. When you come in contact with a passionate food service employee it trumps any negative impressions the customer may be having. Instead of them focusing on writing a Yelp review about how long they may how have stood in line, they are now more apt to write a review focusing on how well the employee described the menu items to them. See how that works? It’s beautiful. 

Another part of customer relations ties heavily into the 1st point we made. Social Media paves the way for you to instantaneously respond to feedback about your brand. It allows you to process the positive and negative critiques about your truck in real time. This is how you can create customers that keep coming back. 

5. Partner with Bistro Planet
One of the best ways to gain more Food truck customers in 2017 is to partner with Bistro Planet. We provide a point of sale system that is like no other. We connect you with thousands of hungry nearby customers who submit pick up orders. We give you a whole system to Increase sales, lower marketing costs and hire new employees if needed. Get directed to hotspots in your city, where there are thousands of hungry customers. If you are a new truck or have a thriving business already we'll help you set up and keep operations smooth all within one compact system which we will come set up for you. If you are interested in becoming a partner go here:

Feb 13, 2017 By Meghan Nystrom