The Love Button

You asked for it and we provided! See that little red heart in the top right of the photo of the Soul Wrap above? You can now love your favorite food truck(s) on the Bistro Planet app. Not only does this keep your favorite food trucks organized for quick ordering, but it will also signal us to send your favorite truck to where you are. That’s right! If you love Woody’s Grill Food truck for example, our technology will tell that truck to head to your part of Los Angeles. Bring your Food truck universe to your neighborhood.

Daily & Weekly Food Truck Schedules Right to Your Inbox

Want to plan out your foodie adventure this week? Or do you want to know if a food truck will be near your work office before that day rolls around? This is what this new feature is for. You will be receiving the schedules for 3 of our food truck lots before Monday even happens. You’ll be able to see which trucks will be at VCA Animal Hospital, Lucky Brand Headquarters, and Real Office Centers. In order to receive schedules from these locations you need to open the app near that location or place an order at that location to designate yourself as a part of that specific food truck universe. We are making the process of trying to find food trucks in the city more streamlined.  Now, sit back and let the suggests roll in.

Feb 26, 2017 By Meghan Nystrom