Heritage LA Food Truck

Gourmet health conscious meals from food trucks are becoming industry standard specifically here in Los Angeles. The food truck industry has grown into a billion-dollar industry in the last five years. As the marketplace explodes so do the demands from customers seeking healthier options from the trucks.

Over the last decade we've all become conscious of what kind of food we're putting in our bodies. We're seeking more locally sourced, organic, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options that are packed with nutrients. We are a demanding foodie generation, because we are busier than ever before. We expect things to be fast and convenient on our lunch breaks, but we also want something gourmet that will power us through the rest of the day. 

The world is constantly changing around us, and the chefs are constantly adjusting to satisfy the needs of a whole new generation of foodies. We see millions of restaurants adapting throughout the nation, but food trucks are acclimating as well. Food trucks are the place to be during short lunch breaks, at events, or while shopping around the city. Customers can grab a fast bite to eat and get food that's on the same culinary level as something they would get in a gourmet restaurant. By recognizing the demands of our foodie nation and adapting accordingly food trucks have carved out of significant portion of the culinary space.   

Food trucks like WholeSam, Heritage LA, Farmer’s Belly, and Acai Dream Bowl have literally reinvented the wheel by branding their whole food truck as a healthy place to be. They are serving up dishes that make you feel good about what you are eating & it is quite literally nutrient packed ‘Art in a Bowl’. It's not only the healthy food trucks that serve healthy options though. Even at food trucks that you would think would only serve your traditional cheesy fare look closer, because we promise there is a health-conscious item on the menu. 

It’s nice to know that when walking up to food truck you'll have your choice of something healthy somewhere on the menu, because the menu was literally created with you in mind. The chefs know we are a foodie generation that wants something different every day. It’s nice to know the food trucks have our backs whether we woke up wanting a macaroni n’ cheese stuffed burger today or craving a crisp fresh kale salad.

Apr 26, 2017 By Meghan Nystrom