Kogi BBQ Food Truck in Downtown Los Angeles

1. Know the Rules & Regulations for Food Trucks in LA

Make sure you read through the ‘Mobile Food Facility Inspection Guide’ and the ‘Los Angeles Mobile Food Facility Operational Guidelines’ from the County of Los Angeles Public Health Office. They are both very informative & breakdown most of the rules and regulations of operating a Food Truck in Los Angeles. 

2. Lots & Events

In order to go to established lots & events in the city you must have approval from the organizer to be there. Start your press outreach & social media tactics early so that you have a solid following when opening day arrives. This gives the organizers for events and lots in the city an incentive to work with you. Bistro Planet has lots around Los Angeles that we book our partner trucks for. We also have robust technology in place to help you generate more customers and revenue to your food truck. Get in touch with us here if you would like to hear more about partnering with us!

3. Secure Your Business License(s)

You need a business license for all 88 cities in Los Angeles County. Here is a list of the cities. These can be obtained at your local City Hall or the County Business License office. You must have these prior to operating your food truck.

4. The Bathroom Rule for Food Trucks

If you operate anywhere for over an hour you must have a working bathroom within 200ft of where you are selling food. The bathroom must have warm water, single use dispensing soap, and be in clean working order. Read more about how the city measures this in the ‘Los Angeles Mobile Food Facility Operational Guidelines’.

5. You Must Park Overnight at a Commissary

In Los Angeles all food trucks must park in a commissary overnight. You are not allowed to store the truck or any food at home. A commissary is normally a huge commercial kitchen with parking spaces in and around it. Most owners prep food here in the morning before heading out for the day. In LA, there are a number of options since markets & restaurants can act as a commissary as long as they are approved by the Public Health Office. Do your research on which on works best for your food truck business. Once you find the one that works your truck you must provide a ‘Verification of Proper Food Vehicle Storage’ signed by the commissary owner to the Public Health Office.

Apr 3, 2017 By Meghan Nystrom