Ice Cream Filled Donuts in LA

It's National Ice Cream Day and we couldn't help but tell you guys about our new favorite ice cream culinary mashup in Los Angeles called the Halo Donut! B Sweet Dessert Bar has operated as a dessert food truck, catering truck, and also a bakery since 2014. They have been infusing our LA bellies with ube cakes & bread pudding ever since. This summer though they struck gold with their newest creation, The Halo Donut, which is cold ice cream pressed into a hot glazed donut.

In honor of the shop owners late father B Sweet uses only Thrifty ice cream since she has fond memories of eating it with him while growing up. When you get to the shop you get to choose your flavor of Thrifty from vanilla, mint chip, cookies and cream, rocky road, chocolate malted crunch, or ube. Ube is a popular purple yam in the Philippines. It has a slightly sweet & coconut flavor. Trust us it’s delicious!

The way in which they serve it is very neat. They have a special press and once you pick your flavor of ice cream it is stacked between two donut halves like a sandwich. It is then placed on a special press that seals the edges & heats the dessert up at the same time! It’s served fresh from the press so you get an awesome combo of cold and hot dessert that is hard to describe until you bite into it.

The world just got a little sweeter this summer.

B Sweet Dessert Bar is located at 2005 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles.  For more information, you can go to their website.

Jul 16, 2017 By Meghan Nystrom